Definitely would agree with most of your tips. I think it is a particularly good idea to buy your toiletries when you arrive to help you travel light. Wearing bulky clothes is always good and you really do need to maximise your cabin baggage allowance as I discuss on this page

Would also recommend checking the airlines baggage allowance before you fly so you can maximise it while avoiding fees.


As a frequent traveler I agree with all of these tips. I would add another - be realistic. Are you really going to work out in the hotel gym? No? Then don't kid yourself by packing your gym clothes. Does that sundress you've loved since you were 22 still fit? Not sure? Try it on before you pack it. You may have always intended to read that hardback copy of War and Peace, and a trip seems a perfect time to do it, but - trust me - it isn't. And you'll feel way more guilty about jettisoning it in a hotel room than you would a relaxing paperback.

Thank you, first time I've come across so many packing tips from seasoned travellers all in one place! The one from Ann Treger and Christine Potter, about bringing your worst underwear and other clothes, is brilliant! How come I haven't thought about that myself? ;-)

Nowadays there are plenty of high quality lightweight carry-ons in the market, as you can see in this post:

I can add another tips as well: do not pack for emergiencies, if one actually happens you can buy almost anything everywhere on the globe. Unless you are actually going trekking in absolute wilderness that is.

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